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There's No "And" In "Software Company" - 5 Takeaways From John Oliver

This blog article is not just a best-of-the-week list, but is actually a compilation of five quick takeaways that the author found interesting.

Sometimes it's hard to tell what you really need from your company. With a software company, there are so many different ways to do things and everyone will have some idea about what they want. In this article, John Oliver lays out the five critical elements of all software companies.

John Oliver of HBO's Last Week Tonight delivered a scathing denunciation of tech and social media monopolies on his show, "The Problem with the Facebooks." In his segment, he points out how software companies such as Google, Amazon, and Apple have amassed staggering wealth. But, as he reminds us - there is no "and" in "software company."

This article will discuss the many takeaways on how software companies are disrupting business and bringing about change.

Why Does Your Strategy Need a Software Company?

Software companies exist to help software companies. The more they do, the more they charge. But in the case of software company, there is no "and" in company. And that's a problem because you need an inflection point to transform your success into a sustainable business.

The first takeaway is that software has always been a large part of the company. In fact, it was in the name of their original business.

In his latest episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver explains why a software company should provide your strategy. Oliver says that the first and most important step in any strategy is to define the problem and make it tangible. The next, and often overlooked, step is to find out who your customers are. Once you understand who you are for, you can then design products that fit their needs.

Your strategy should be consistent with the company's value proposition. This is what makes a software company different than any other type of company. In the software world, the better your product, the more revenue it generates and the better it is at making money. Software companies also have access to more resources and are able to produce more goods/services faster than other companies.

What is Working With a Software Company and What Shouldn't You Do?

A software company is a company that offers software to help automate tasks and operations. Software companies approach problems from different perspectives which allows the company to come up with unique solutions to present a new way of doing something. When you work with a software company, you should be prepared for lots of hard work and long hours. However, if you can handle this as part of your job description then it could be an amazing opportunity.

Software companies are usually great places to work. They help you develop your skills in a creative, innovative way. But it's not all rainbows and unicorns. Be careful when you engage with a company that has no social media policy, or one that doesn't promote from within.

Business Owners Email: 5 Takeaways From John Oliver

This episode of Last Week Tonight featured John Oliver talking about the many different types of software companies and the dangers of business owners sending emails to their customers.

Business owners often fear change, but John Oliver's company proved otherwise in his HBO show "Last Week Tonight." In his show, he shared some tips on how to create a software company. One of the things mentioned was that an important part of owning a software company is constantly finding ways to improve it.

John Oliver is an American comedian, writer, actor and producer who has been on HBO since 2005. He has had a variety of roles on the TV show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver which started in 2014.

Businesses must pay attention to what is going on in the world today. John Oliver has a lot of strong opinions and he doesn't hold back. He addressed his thoughts on software companies with five takeaways that are all worth remembering.


1) Software is not a software company.

2) Software companies are more like countries than corporations.

3) The existence of the software industry, and talk of it, has made all industries worse.

4) The U.S. should consider patent reform (see below).

5) "No one's using the word 'software' anymore; they're using the word 'platform.'"

The email that one of the employees sent to our CEO showed up on my inbox, and it was quite a ride. It was from a man named Alan who wanted to share some feedback on our company culture. John Oliver had recently shared his thoughts about the company in a TV segment, and they were spectacularly accurate.

The discussion centers around how technology is changing the society and how companies are trying to make the most out of it.

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