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Affordability Matters - A Chat With Digital Marketing Expert Jeanine Bilger

In this blog article, the author chats with Jeanine Bilger, a digital marketing expert and head of content marketing at They talk about how to keep your company's communication costs low while still being able to produce high-quality content.

Jeanine Bilger is a digital marketing expert, and she says that affordability should always be taken into consideration when it comes to lead generation. Find out the ins and outs of how to make your marketing campaigns budget-friendly in this article!

In this blog article, Jeanine Bilger, a digital marketing expert at Focus Media Group, discusses how the key to sales is affordability. She gives advice on how to set a price point for your products or services that will make customers feel confident about buying from you and believe that they are getting a great deal.

How Digital Marketing is Difficult for a Startup

Digital marketing is difficult for a startup. In order to grow, a company needs to find use cases that can help it sell more products. This can be difficult if the company is new and has no customers. However, using digital marketing as a tool to create customer awareness is essential in helping a business get off the ground.

Digital marketing is a difficult task for startups. The biggest challenge most businesses face is they can't afford digital marketing services. This expert was able to share a few tips and tricks that can help them succeed in their business.

Types of Lead Generation Resources for B2B Enterprises

Lead generation is the process of identifying and generating leads for a commercial. This includes getting an audience to be aware of your product, business or service by designing and executing marketing campaigns. Lead generation can usually be broken down into three types: search engine optimization (SEO), paid media, and email marketing.

What to Look For in a Lead Gen Provider

There are many lead generation companies out there, but it is important to find a company with a proven track record. They should also provide what they promise in terms of customer service and quality leads.

The main thing to think about when choosing a lead generation provider is the quality of the services they offer. You want leads that will convert into sales, and you want to be able to use all the tools they have to help you do so.

How to Invest Your Money in Lead Generation

It is important to invest your time, money and effort in lead generation. This will ensure that you build a business with a lot of opportunities. Jeanine Bilger, a digital marketing expert, says that if you are struggling to generate leads then it might be because you are not following the right strategy for attracting them.

One way to invest in lead generation is to make sure that you have a good website, with great content and plenty of calls-to-action. This gives people an opportunity to leave the site and then contact the company in order to learn more. If a website isn't being updated often, it's important to have a content strategy. Keeping that in mind, it's best to test different types of content before implementing them on the website.

The Role of Affordability in Entrepreneurial Success

According to Jeanine Bilger, as an entrepreneur, the key to success is being able to afford the correct resources. "The key is working with people who know what they're doing - which is not easy in this digital marketing world," says Jeanine.

For the aspiring entrepreneur, it's crucial that they keep affordability on the forefront of their mind. In an ideal world, entrepreneurs would be able to pay for everything with their business revenue. Unfortunately, there are expenses like marketing and customer acquisition that need to be paid for in order for a business to grow. One way you can meet these challenges is by finding a balance between quality and affordability.


Lead generation is a big expense for many businesses. If you are looking to lower the cost of lead generation, there are a few ways that you can do so. One way is to use social media to leverage a "free trial." This is an event where you give users free access to your product or service in exchange for their contact information. Another way to lower the cost of lead generation is by using retargeting ads on Facebook and Google Ads. These ads will display when a customer visits your website and then show them offers for products or services that they had previously looked at before leaving the website.


Jeanine Bilger, digital marketing expert and CEO of Big Yellow Couch, had one key message for me: "Affordability matters."

Jeanine Bilger, a digital marketing expert, says that you can't be successful in digital marketing if you only focus on price. "You have to have a brand and the ability to deliver," she said. Digital marketing experts believe that businesses should do research before selecting an advertising budget because not all strategies are appropriate for every business.

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