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8 New York Companies That Are Doing B2B Email Marketing Right

The B2B marketing world is changing and the time-honored tradition of email marketing is more important than ever. Many businesses are now focusing on email marketing because it increases engagement, leads, and conversions for their sales funnel. In this article we talk about 8 New York companies that are doing B2B email marketing right!

In this post, we are going to look at 8 different companies in New York that are doing B2B email marketing right. You will learn about the key aspects of these email marketing campaigns; you will see how they're utilizing email to create brand awareness, build loyalty and increase sales.

Why Email Marketing is Important

Email marketing is important for companies to stay connected with potential and current customers. Consumers have access to more information than ever before and they make buying decisions based on personal experience, word of mouth, and trust in the brand. However, email marketing still has its limitations such as sensitivity to the inboxes of consumers who don't want a flood of messages coming from brands they don't know personally. The 8 companies mentioned below are utilizing email marketing in a positive way by adding value to their subscribers' lives and being mindful that not all emails need to be promotional.

What’s The Problem With B2B Email Marketing?

Depending on your business and industry, you might think that B2B email marketing is not an effective tool. The reality is, good email marketing is worth the investment. It can help your company create more leads, save money on advertising costs, and grow your overall sales. It doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming.

8 New York Companies that are Doing B2B Emails Right

Doing B2B email marketing well and in a meaningful way can be difficult but it's also important to keep in mind that you must do it correctly if you want your emails to get read. It is for this reason that many New York-based companies are choosing to do B2B email marketing the right way.

Many B2B companies are struggling with their email marketing. For example, only 21% of the companies in an average study produce emails that are attractive to recipients. This is why many companies like Unilever and Netflix have turned to social media for better engagement. But these online platforms aren't the answer either. It's important to learn how to create effective emails too. Some successful examples include banks like Chase Bank that use transactional emails to send out promotional materials when people open a new account or Citibank that sends messages about tax time on April 15th each year.

Why New York Companies Might Be Doing B2B Emails Right

Three reasons why New York companies might be doing their b2b emails right are they are devoting the necessary resources to their email marketing, they are targeting a specific market, and they have a well-planned subscription plan.

A lot of companies are finding that doing business with other businesses is the way to success. Business-to-business emails allow both parties to reach out and form relationships. The New York area has many successful companies that have found great success in B2B emails, including Alcoa Inc., Time Warner Cable, and Liberty Mutual Insurance.

How to Fix the Problem of B2B Email Marketing

B2B email marketing is a tough task. Companies have to find a way to get their message across in a way that will make prospects want to take the meeting. That's why it's not easy to find companies that are doing B2B email marketing right. Here are 8 New York companies that are doing B2B email marketing the right way.

When companies send out emails, they should make sure that the email is personalized to the recipient. A common problem with B2B marketing emails is that they are often sent without any personalization and often sent to everyone in an entire department or company. To fix this problem and increase customer engagement, companies should personalize the email with information about the recipient (such as their position) and also use a call-to-action for them.

How To Get the Most out of Your B2B EMAILS

In the age of digital marketing, B2B companies have been forced to find new ways to reach out to customers. One way this has been especially challenging is with email marketing, which is how a lot of companies are connecting with their clients and prospects. Companies who are looking for innovative ways to engage new and existing customers through email marketing can take a page from these eight New York companies that know how to get the most out of their B2B emails.


Companies like Uber, H&M, and Airbnb have mastered the art of e-marketing. They were able to break through the clutter and attract new customers by creating a valuable experience for their audience. In order to do this, companies need to be innovative in everything they do, including email marketing.

One of the best ways to make sure you are reaching your desired audience is by utilizing email marketing. There are many ways to optimize your email marketing strategy, but there are a few that work well in B2B (business-to-business) marketing.

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