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16 Essential C Level Emails From Senior Leadership At Software Companies

If you're in a senior leadership position, then you need to be on top of your email game. These 16 emails will help set the tone for your company, allowing you to be more confident with how you handle personal and professional interactions.

When you're a senior leader at a software company, emails are your best and sometimes only channel of communication with the rest of the company. With all these emails, there's no reason that your inbox can't be just as fruitful and successful - and with the right set of practices and strategies, it can!

May 2018: What Is Your Sales Team Doing?

As you know, the world is getting smarter every day. Virtual assistants are freeing up time for managers and leaders to focus on strategic initiatives. That said, your sales team should be leveraging technology as well. The following emails offer important insights into how high level executives manage their teams in today's fast-paced environment.

The best way to improve sales is to boost your company's communication. One of the best ways is through email. Sending out a company-wide email with information on sales or marketing can make an immediate impact in your environment. This post provides 16 essential C level emails from senior leadership at software companies.

April 2018: 2 Types of Calls

According to a study by the Center for Suicide Prevention, suicide rates have been rising steadily in recent years. There are many causes of this increase such as unaddressed mental health issues and opioid addiction, but some unintentional causes are also at play such as lack of sleep and too much stress. As a result there has been a new shift in workplace culture that acknowledges the need for healthy workplace practices.

On April 27th 2018, Mahira emailed a team of executives with the following:

March 2018: Coaching and Training

One of the most important emails you'll ever send is one in which you're asking for feedback. It's important to remember that feedback is a two-way street, and you have to be open to receive it. This means that if your team is struggling with a specific communication goal, ask them what they think will work instead of assuming your plan will be perfect. It's always helpful if you can break down your strategy into bite-sized pieces so that the recipient knows exactly what they need to do and when they need to do it.

February 2018: How Do You Measure Success?

"Success is measured by what you have achieved, not by how many times you have started. And if we measure success in terms of the number of people who use our product, then at some point that number will be zero. A better metric might be the number of people who can no longer live without it."

January 2018: The Cost Of Sales

In January, 2018, BatchSys conducted a research study to learn how the cost of sales impacts the sales process. They found that the cost of sales affects a company's bottom line by 53%. With this in mind, it is important to be aware of how costs are affecting your organization so you can make adjustments accordingly.

December 2017: Making A New Year’s Resolution

December 2017 was a month of promises, broken promises, and resolutions. When it came to C-level executives at software companies, December was no different. The good news is that many of the corporate emails in this blog are filled with heartfelt compliments and welcome enthusiasm for the new year.

November 2017: On The Maturation Of Growth

In November 2017, Gartner published an article that discussed the maturity of growth. They took into account the average lifespan of a company and how many years companies are at different levels of maturity. They found that the average life span of a startup is around five years while it is 18 years for a mature company. One important takeaway from this study was the correlation between company size and their level of maturity. It was found that mature companies had revenues greater than $10 billion while startups were mostly small with less than $5 billion in annual revenue

September 2017: Customer Retention And Lifecycle Marketing

In September of 2017, Hubspot CEO Brian Halligan sent a memo to all employees detailing how customer retention and lifecycle marketing should be top priorities for the company. In the memo Halligan indicated that in order to improve these two issues, Hubspot had to find ways to keep its customers engaged with their products over an extended period of time.

August 2017

C level emails are an important aspect of business communication. They're often the basis for being hired at a company, so they can be crucial to success. Here are some of the most essential C level emails that will help you in your career as a software engineer.

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