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Reaching out to business owners and relaying your messages have never been easier! With contact form outreach, we can reach out to business owners via their website's contact form!


After sending more than 1 Million Messages, we learned that messaging businesses via their contact form has a ton of advantages. First, is that it gives close to 100% deliverability rate! Compared to traditional email campaigns where you even need to make sure of a lot of things before launching your campaign. Like, making sure your Email Domain is well warmed up, your message has no spam trigger and making sure that the email you are contacting is fully validated first. All of those would take months and months of preparation and even with that, there's still no assurance that all of your emails will be delivered and you will still be limited by the number of emails you can send. With contact form outreach, you can disregard all of those costly preparations as you can start sending literally millions of messages right away!

Based on our current stats, more than 65% of the messages sent out via the business' contact form are read by the owners themselves! Only 35% are read by CSR Agents. Which gives you no need to put in hundreds of hours of work in finding their email addresses!

We have 50 Agents that does the sending and we can send out more than 1 million messages per day!









100,000 MESSAGES

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